Raymarching and vvvv cams

hello everybody. the vvvv cams do not work with fractals. neither in vvvv’s quat-julia-set nor in the dx11 adaptation of shadertoy’s mandelbulb. it does not work on any of the many patches of “shadertoys_05”. which may interest the others, who are not as big fractal fans as I am. the patches of “shadertoys_05” use all raymarching. so I suppose that has something to do with it. but why evvvvil’s videos look like camera rides went on raymarching? have I overlooked a special cam or are there other options? in shadertoy prg’s that works. but there are no nodes (which i never wanted to miss anymore). thank you

(assuming you have the input struct for your PS and float4x4 tVPI : VIEWPROJECTIONINVERSE in your cbuffer or global veriables)

float2 screenUv = input.TexCoord * 2 - 1;
screenUv.y *= -1;
float4 rayStart4 = mul(float4(screenUv, 0, 1), tVPI);
float4 rayEnd4 = mul(float4(screenUv, 1, 1), tVPI);
float3 rayStart = rayStart4.xyz / rayStart4.w;
float3 rayEnd = rayEnd4.xyz / rayEnd4.w;

now at this point you can already start marching with lerp(rayStart, rayEnd, MyIteration) but if you really need direction you can simply do this:

float3 rayDir = normalize(rayStart - rayEnd);

I hope it helps

Otherwise you can rip it off raymarching workshop in contribs

thank you both. I try to implement that. it is not so important to include camera rides in my visuals. I control everything with a midi-slider box. there are other ways to change the perspective. but if I had an active camera that would be a variation I would like.

Well you can post a sample patch with shader, maybe it would be easy to implement camera on it… In any case it won’t work without modding the shader code, since shadertoys aren’t really expect to have external camera…

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