Raspberry / gstreamer / vvvv

Hi !

does anybody has improved to receive inside VVVV a gstreamer video stream ?

yours, christoph :)

hum… pushing again the subject:

any body is using rapsberry pi camera inside VVVV ?
and wich method is used to stream the video signal ?

Hi I haven’ t tried with the rpi but you should be able to read the stream with the vlc node on vvvv and creating a stream always with vlc in th erpi.

hi simone,
VLC is not the good solution:
i succeed with VLC program to capture the video stream but the latency is really ENORMOUS (1 to 3seconds delay in RJ45).

about VLC node: it doesnt allow rtsp adress and so capturing the stream in VVVV is not possible

Ok that was not clear in your question, you want real time. That may be a bit hard to get with this system … you may want to have a look at gstreamer.

It is possible to get a streaming protocol in the VLC node as I did some time ago, let me dig for the post…


EDIT: oops sorry I have just figured out that is precisely what you asked in the title (gstreamer)

EDIT II: have a look at https://discourse.vvvv.org/t/8076

hello Io, thanks a lot, but VLC is terrible for delay… or didnt i read well the link ? i m not undrestanding the relaition with the dvb-t standard ?

In that thread I am using mmsh ot read the stream… anyway as you mentioned VLC and network will not work for real time …

You could try to stream mjpeg to htmltexture-(ex9.texture-url).

See for example:
How to build and run MJPG-Streamer on the Raspberry Pi
Raspberry Pi Webcam Over the Internet Using MJPG-Streamer

thanks a lot, i will try to set up this approacha nd give you feedback

about HTML texture, does it takes ActiveX component rendering ? i tried on another project, without success, to give the image coming from a server with HTML texture.
activeX was not enabled


No there is no need, but beware I use this with Octoprint and the lag is the usual you would expect on a network, realtime is no possible probably.

realtime not possible ?
hum hum hum…

It probably depends on what you mean with real time (real real time does not exist…) but if you need it for a reactive installation then all the above won t work…
If you want to quickly test the mjpg solution you can get an Octopi image and have it working in minutes.