RandomSpread weird linear behaviour with random seed

Hey there,

I noticed that there is some weird kind of linear behaviour with the randomspread node when stepping through it’s seed’s.
In the example patch it is spread slice 18 and 7 as you also can see in the gif. 18 does rise continiously and 7 does too but jumps i think between a difference of 0.5.
RandSpreadBehavourProblem.vl (6.2 KB)

Is this specific to my pc or can others recreate the same behaviour?

greetings knoeterich

All random hashes are based on some kind of mathematical function mimicking randomness, so you will encounter recognisable repeating patterns, depending on the value range you are working in.

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This is kind of annoying. Maybe we should have RandomSpread nodes that don’t have a Seed input, but an Apply input. Whenever Apply is true a new Seed gets randomly created and used for the RandomSpread?

RandSpreadBehavourProblem2.vl (9.3 KB)

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Thats a cool approach, randomizing the seed to counter this behaviour!

Thx for the explanation and help!