Randomspread cant link to circle

Nice to meet you all! I knew vvvv yesterday and try to play with it today. =)

I am struggling to find out why randomspread(2d) can link to points, but cant link to circle?
Is there any information that I miss or need to be aware between nodes?

Thank you very much!

Hey @Naien and welcome!

If you hover the Points input of the Points node, you can see it accepts a Sequence<Float32>. So it makes sense that you can directly connect the output of RandomSpread to it, because a Spread is a Sequence.

Now, assuming you’re trying to use the Circle [Graphics.Skia.Layer], you see the Position input is simply a Vector2 and not a Sequence<Vector2. So for this to work you’d have to put the Circle node in a ForEach loop. Then on the Output you won’t get a Layer to connect to a Renderer but rather a Spread, in this case you’d use the Group (Spectral) node to turn this spread of Layer into a single layer that you can connect to the Renderer :


For more information about Spreads and the Foreach loop, have a look at these resources :

I’ve attached the patch from the above screenshot to this post.

Have fun!

CircleForeach.vl (6.9 KB)


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