Randomize quad properties under linear spread

I have a LinearSpread node (count 500 or whatever I don’t think it is relevant or correct me) attached to a Transform node, attached to a Quad … to a Renderer.
My question is how to randomize those 500 elements under the Lspread?example: Can I change the opacity or color of some of the elements without affecting all 500 elements?

hi pascal, to do that you can connect another spread, i.e. a RandomSpread to any other input pin that affects your quads.

here is some more info about spreads:

and definitely check out these generative design patchs:

Thanks, that worked as I wanted it to. Right now I have another question. I have a lot of bang nodes. I want to manipulate them with one master bang node (or whatever button) but at the same time keep the ability to bang them independently

for that you can use an OR node. connect one below each individual bang and then connect the master bang to all OR nodes.

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