Random way

hi, i have a simple question:
how to use a subpatch with a random filetexture included, with different sequences ?

imagine this patch being spreaded as subpatch on Y axe, how to obtain a more really randomized sequence ?

Bureau.zip (17.9 kB)

i would patch it like this:

rdm.v4p (7.1 kB)

I am trying to find a reason why that Onopen bang is on the input off the randomspread…

a really good question.
now i’m curious, too.

*tonfilm : merci ;-)

*k&w: (kiwi ?) in french we would say “2 pour le même prix”, two for the same price. nice to read u west !
bang on open is a mistake, as i was just redoing the subpatch i have on the computer in nantes.

ok forget about this question, its working ok when spreaded.
i think when redoing my patch i founded the solution…
surely i was puzzled by using cross…