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Im rather (very) new to vvvv and have been trying to do a few things in gamma. Ive been trying to create a random video player that pulls from a library of videos I have, but I can’t seem to quite figure out how to create multiple looping video streams (one of which will inevitably be sent to the opencv renderer). It seems that in beta you would build a file selector that feeds into a video texture node - however this doesn’t seem to exist in gamma yet, and the video player wants you to feed it a direct link to a single video (and it won’t loop properly?). Any advice/a push in the right direction to look would be greatly appreciated.


Hi @ahadm, what nodes are you using for video playback?

I would strongly recommend using https://github.com/vvvv/VL.GStreamer which has plenty of features and a very robust video playback behavior. You can use it in combination with the OpenCV Renderer also.

VL.OpenCV’s video playback nodes are not robust or stable enough for production and should be used only for development or testing purposes.

Last time I tried GSstreamer it didnt work/had red nodes, and given its not been updated in 5 months I’d guess it still doesnt.

image I guess not. Good job no one uses video anymore

the tooltip says beta38.1, it works fine in alpha. also you need to install GStreamer, as written here:

the installer apparently doesn’t use C: as default location. so in the installer choose “Custom”, change the location to c:\gstreamer then go one page back and select “Complete”, it remembers the path setting you chose before.

It is working now, i was a bit lazy following the instructions, also the GStreamer installator is not the best

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As of 2021.4 the VL.Video.MediaFoundation nuget is now shipping with vvvv and the simplest option for video playback. And there are even more options for video playback.