Random Sticks when patch minimised

I’ve got a random node spitting out integers uptp 500, which works fine but only when the patch is open, doesnt change number when its minimised.

could it be an issue with the background frame rate set in the mainloop. vvvv will run with the background frame rate when minimized.

vvvv isnt minimised, just the subpatch containing the randomnode (alt 3) Took me a while to work out what the problem was!

du sprichst von random (value)?
habe dort mal nach üblichen verdächtigen (bugs) geschaut und nichts gefunden

auch randomspread sieht dem code nach recht sauber aus. alle inputs werden berechent bis er zur tat schreitet… komisch. muss man nochmal genauer betrachten. hm

The who the what now?
Its a random(value) and it gets stuck and spits out the same number,its triggered from a tog edge and LFO.