Random screenshots!

Frame is very cool! but I guess it behaves different than it was introduced here?
Or am I short cutting something accidentally?

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25 42 02 42 03 38

what are you doing?

Just cleaning up a document and using some shortcuts:
Moving nodes around, aligning them Ctrl+L making frams Alt+Selection and so on.
then I found these screenshots, where I saved the document!

right. seems like the bug where sometimes the S key gets stuck (noticed after pressing ctrl+s). and S + marquee is a quick way to make a screenshot.

notice that in that state you also cannot select nodes anymore with marquee selection. press S once, then it works again and no more random screenshots.

@joreg Excatly! I was just trying to remake this situation when I can’t move nodes, to report it.
Of course I did not know about S getting stuck. Thanks!

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