Random Play, Random Pause

I am stuck with a really simple function :
I have an audio file.
I want to play it for a random n time, and pause for a random n time.
it is basically a player that goes on and off randomly.
But I cannot figure out how

I tried timerflop, two flipflops, two LFOs, but there is always something that does not allow me to connect from one side of the timer to the other.
I tried queue, but I do not understand how I am supposed to use it.
It would be nice if I could have a direction on how to do it

thanks in advance!

post the patch maybe

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Try a combination of monoflop, s+h and random. Here is an example of the player with a random playback time from a random playback position.

RandomPlayer.vl (8.8 KB)

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Sample.vl (19.8 KB)

Ok, I tried Monoflop, and indeed, it could be right direction…
Here is what I want to do…
I guess it is super logical, but I don’t see the way out…

thank you so much for your help!!

classic, just put a framedalay node inbetween, then you can connect. you try to control the player by its own output and this wont work in the same frame.

regarding why you cannot make the connection, please read about Circular graphcs.

and regarding your actual goal, i wonder if it couldn’t be just like this:


the Trigger node sends a bang in random intervals and the toggle then simply changes from true to false ie, play to pause. that should give you random intervals of play and pause time.

thank you @joreg Joreg!
trigger, which I did not know about before, could be a solution
I am going to investigate how I can tweak that

frame delay? ok, I write that down too
I don’t know yet how the fact to have 1 frame delay can solve the problem, but I will try!
thank you!

Hooray! I made it!
you guys @joreg & @tgd made my day!
I am so happy it works!

Just in case, I attach the final patch here!

thank you so much! you guys rock!

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Follow joregs link to Circular graphs . It explains the concept a bit.