Random not really random

Hi Devvvvs

I know that the reandom function in vvvv is using a pseudo random function to generate its values.

I have however noticed a strange behavior. If I generate a lot of random Integers using Select (Value) on the first bang I never seen as much as a single 0. When I bang for a new set of random values I do get 0’s.

I am using beta27 win7 64bit

see attached patch


RandomOrNot.v4p (9.2 kB)

aha yes, i got it. you have prevent from doubles set to on. and as the internal variable is initialized by the system with 0 it will look in the first frame for a number which is not 0. if you need prevent from doubles, then switch it of in the first frame.

i will look for a fix…

Maybe we need it.

the Random node now does an initialization step before the first frame which fixes the bug.