Random list, for Spray Plugin on Boygroup

Hi people,

i´m trying to use the spray plugin (you can found it on girlpower´s folder) in a boygroup scenario, this plugin generates random variables for the particles behaviour.

My first question is:
would it be possible to read the random variables from a List of numbers instead of computing it?,
in order to sincronize the particle system on all the clients.

How could it (the plugin) use a dynamic input spread?

Any tip would be very appreciated.



hi lasal,

in general its better to run the particle system on the server and only send the positions to the clients. that solves all sync problems at once.

another way would be to make the calculation dependent to the new network clock module in the alpha build and use a big random lookup table. but thats way more work…

Hey Tonfilm,
thanks for the hint, i´ll take a look…
for me sounds better the rnd lookup table way,
btw is there any example of a plugin using this kind of list?

Thanks again.

not that i know of, but just store like 5k values to a textfile and load/parse it in the plugin. the according to the network time you sample the values from it… its very important that all happens in relation to the time. if you do framebased calculations it will go out of sync.

It sounds tricky :P
thanks anyway