Ramp / Curve Editor

I am looking for a node with which you can edit different output curves for incoming input values between 0 and 1. Does that already exist?
Something like the Waveshaper Node, only with an editable ramp. Bezier curves would be great, too.

I tried something with Map nodes, you can have a look in the attached patch. But it’s not very elegant, maybe one of you nice people has a better approach or a hint for me to do this better!!


Curve_between0and1.v4p (34.9 kB)

The Gamma (Value) node could be used for a nice curve, further there is a Tweener (animation) plugin, and if you know the formula you want, you can always put it in Expr (Value).

if you just need a simple curve, you could use Gamma (Value) or a bit more control in Tweener (Value). If you want to use your method with map, using Map (Value Interval) or Map (Value Interval Advanced).

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Thanks guys, that helped!