I was wondering is it possible making Raindrops fall from the top of the renderer to the bottom and like when like a usual drop falls it has a splash effect.

I wonder if it’s possible to make it fall in any direction as well?

How much rain are we talking about?
If there are no objects interacting in the rain, i would suggest rendering the rain in ae and using a video in vvvv.

if you want interaction you will have to use box2d physics engine to dynamically detect when the drops hit an object.
if you use box2d you can set your rain direction also as you wish.

There are several ways to achieve the look of falling raindrops. The straight forward one would be to use a particle system. Do you feel confident with programming? Than the Spray could be a good starting point.

And search for particle system in the forum.

If you like to dig deeper into the topic and add forces like wind have a look here: http://natureofcode.com/

I’m not very confident with programming, I’m actually very new with this.

I’ve never used box2d, so you’ll have to explain it.

Add the Circle (Box2D) to your patch, left-click on it and than press F1. the Help-Patch of the circle is a pretty good start for the Box2D-topic. And just in case you didn’t knew: you can “F1” every node you do not understand. All the basic nodes should have a help-patch.

And this Box2d thing will make raindrops?

I guess I’ll try and figure out how it works.
Anything else to make it pretty or nice effect to it?