Radix (Value) with 32 in/outlets

there seems to be sth like an internal overflow (?!?) when using 32 in- or outlets.

only the 32nd pin causes trouble!
didn’t check more than 32pins though.

see patch.

bug.radix.32.v4p (40.9 kB)

somewhere seems to be a 32-bit operation with a signed integer in the node, so you got only 31 bits.
you have to use two radix nodes…

well, i patched some modules for converting IEEESingle into a spread of values (8bit res.) ranged [ 0 ; 1 ]( 0 ; 1 ) and vice versa.
(–for misusing Artnet…–)

now i use 4 radix instead of 1.
i can live with that definitely.

is it a bug?
or “does it only touch some range limits”?

IMHO its definitely a bug.
i added a comment to Radix (Value) .

btw.: modules are attached.

IEEESingle2DMX.zip (9.9 kB)