RadioKeyMatch / RadioMatch in fullscreen not working


looks like someone described this in an old forum post from 2006 :

can anyone confirm that this is till not working, or
if it is a wanted behavior? the example file from the
old post has the same behavior as my own patch, so no
need to upload a new example ;)

i try to use it to set a value to 0 or 0.5 or 1 with 3 different
keys and the radiokeymatch seemed like the right choice since
i can map it without overhead to the values i need.

thnx for help


dug around a little bit more using inspektor.

the moment i do Alt+Return to put the mainrenderer
in fullscreen at the second head, keyboard(system global)
gehts the key outputnode as slice, like 0)alt, 1)return
but leaves the slice as output.
if i then press ALT once and then RETURN once, it switches
back to show crossed 0 and works again like it should.

so when it does not work, looks like radiokeymatch only
checks the first slice, finds no match, does nothing.

keymatch seems to check the last slice/or all and therefor
works without any complain.

so workaround is just pressing ALT and then RETURN, after
you switched to fullscreen and then it behaves as it should.

hope some1 understands what i mean here ;)

anyone?.. no text …

please check that with the latest alpha. it appears to me the probelm has been solved.