Radio keymatch

Mmmm, I got a patch with some buttons via mouse clicks or radio keymatch, works fine when in a window, when fullscreen the radio keymatch doesnt work, keymatch is still working as I got another key using that.
im puzzled…

i can not really believe this right now - you have connected Keymatch and Radiokeymatch to exact the same Keyboard node? hmmm…

Yeah its very odd, I’ve changed it to keymatch now to get around the problem

can you put a patch to reproduce it online?

Heres ones, when you fullscreen the renderer it stays at the last positon.
Or at least here it does!

radiokeymatch.v4p (3.4 kB)


Do you guys see this too?
I could do with this for a patch I’m on now, I could workaround but I’d rather not!



I am interested in a workaround for this as I really like the radiokeymatch feature, but am finding the same outcome, works great while windowed, but as soon as you go full screen it falls over. is there going to be a change to this?