I’ve an odd issue recently, where a r(string) node swapped its recieve string from keyboard to IP. Now what I’ve noticed is that the drop down list has reordered itself. Keyboard used to be no.1 in the list, but had been replaced by IP. I’ve since saved and reopened the patach a number of times and Keyboard is No.1 again, thankfully the patch still points to it! I’m sure I’ve come across this issue before with r nodes, but not often and very randomly.
Thought I’d flag it as a possible issue, but till it happens again, cant say anymore!


As an addition to this, I’ve had R(value) nodes loose their settings too, invariably the s name ends up at the bottom of the list of R strings, this should only happen if the patch has been opened without the S nodes there and saved I presume?
This hasnt happened…
its somewhat perplexing as I can get very odd errors else where because of this, the current one stops a writer node writing over startup values, which can give scarey errors!


Just found the smae string r node has swapped again!
I think I’m going to have to get rid of all the s+r’s in this enormous patch!

due to this and further issues i started to use the TCP nodes to send/receive data between modules.
first results are promising!
i think i can post that module-set soon; some of the skypemates already have had a look into that.