Quite - nang. just a question

Hello all you kind people, particularly unc if you happen to see this!

I was just wondering about the kind of shading used in the nang video, mainly in the interest of improving my shader skills and the quality of the work I’m doing. I tend to rely too much on very bold graphics because I’m not great with HLSL and struggle to get the subtleties out of dx9…

So I wanted to ask what is going on here, the video is stunning and the particles have a strong sense of depth, which is helped by the individual lighting of particles and the screen glow fx (I’m assuming there’s a glow). Hopefully the screen below shows what I’m referring to, I wonder if SSAO is being used or, alternatively, the shading looks quite ‘velvety’… not sure, any thoughts/tips from the more experienced folks?

Thanks for reading.

YES - the video is quite impressive!

yes tell us the magic of this impressive work :D