I’m new in vvvv. Now I try to play Quicktime Movies in vvvv. Is that possible? Files like AVI or WMV is easy. But as a Mac User I’d like to use Quicktime if this is possible?!

Many Thanks for helping answers…


Short answer : yes.
But you’ll need to install quicktime alternative see there.


I made all of this and still no function?!

Perhaps using renderer (tty) could help.
What’s happened exactly ?

ah thanks! there is a specific problem with the quicktime installation I see. I’ll check that!

it works with ffdshow + normal qt installed on my comp

finally with the k-lite codec bundle it work’s.
but the loop function still don’t work :(

I have tried the k-lite bundle, quicktime alternative the lot and still no joy with Uncompressed quicktime and h.264 encoded quicktime. Is there anything else to try?


I’ve got the same problem - quicktime movies don’t run in vvvv.

Maybe they’ve changed some components in qt-alternative as it says during setup:

“This pack does NOT install any components for playing QuickTime files with Windows Media Player or other DirectShow players. To get the required DirectShow filters for playing QuickTime files in such players, it is recommended to install the K-Lite Codec Pack.”

This message appears even in older qt-alternative versions i have downloaded.

I’m going to try to find out how to configure k-lite as it doesn’t help either at the moment.

very short, sorry:
for what i know apple prohibited to distribute the quicktime alternative in a bundle with k-lite.