Quicktime Output

Hello everyone, this is my first post here. I found vvvv at about 4am this morning and am hooked, I’ve been looking for something like this for a while and am incredibly impressed with the work people are churning out.

So, my first question. I have some basic things working, nothing special (been using this for a hour during lunch) and have come across my first problem. Can I output these files to an AVI or Quicktime file? Anything I produce I will want to turn intoa viewable file, what is the way to achieve this?

Many thanks.


Hello and welcome !!!

You can find some starting block there:


You can use the writer node for avi output.

If you need to achieve high framerates or large output or audio sync it’s better to export frame by frame and use another program to bounced all theses frames into a movie file.

I have some success with fraps backbuffer grabber too.



Many thanks :)

As sson as my McBook Pro arrives I’ll be using this software 22/7, I’m a Mac user at home now and only have lunch breaks at work to play. Seems like this is a friendly forum too.

Take care, A.

Seems like this is a friendly forum too

for sure!
i never ever read something unkind here and i know the vvvvorums from the first hour.
lets keep it this way.

and of course be welcome!