Quicknodes XML

many of you use the great quicknodes menu. i propose a editable quicknodes XML list instead of using the quicknodes node. because i could setup my vvvv with patch snippets without added the quicknodes node over and over again.

who is with me ?

ok, nobody :)

i have another wish, using quicknodes adds a space between standard and added nodes in the list. making it harder to hit the actual node at the bottom.

and, a way to reorder the list would be nice…a well, that’s the xml file again…mmm

i am with u angel
1+ for xml definition for quicknodes. i think kalle posted this some time ago

anybody wanna suggest a layout?

one additional thought… i use iobox(node) named ex9_layer quite often. added names with this list would be cool too…

thinking about a layout…

did you know that middle click copies the name of the pin to which the IOBox is connected?

oh well, didnt know about this cool feature… i lost so much time writing layer over and over again. how stupid :)

what about a spreadable string(config) pin entering xml just like the v4p syntax to create nodes with specific configurations.

or even better: the xml which is stored in the clipboard when copy pasting. so not just quicknodeing single nodes but patchlets is possible


i tried to patch something similar myself in several approaches ending in massive patches which slow down performance.

dear devvvvs, this would increase usability immense.