QuickNodes (VVVV) - some thoughts

*at first:
obviously a nice feature.

*at a second glance:
me, @david|david)) and ((user:milo atm are not sure at all if that menu on doublerightclick will be somehow annoying soon. doublerightclick is used quite often in “war patching” so we can imagine that this gets quite irritating.

*at a third glance:
it’s comfortable to have quick access to a preconfigured IOBox like ‘toggle’ or ‘bang’
but IMHO it isn’t necessary at all to fill a list into QuickNodes (VVVV) : node creation by doubleclick and start typing the desired nodename also gives quick access.

on the other hand a possibility to (re)store personalized preconfigurations of any nodes would be the killer enhancement.
i once sketched this in a _monster_module which is too expensive in its performance needs: see here

wot ya all think?

so far i love the feature as it is now :)

Wow, well, sometimes it irritates me yes, but the power off creating a Bang/Toggle that easy is worth it :)
Think the thing off moving the mouse away first, before you have the old IOBox is the annoying part

Do we have enough keyboards keys left? Like pressing B&Rihghtclick = bang, T&Right = Toggle, C&right = colorbox etc…
But this requires a learning curve, and that is not good.

Perhaps holding left and than 2 right clicks for a standard IObox is good compromise for the new and old situation.

i think you are right, kalle.

it would be nice to be able to add preconfigured nodes, (like toggle and bang are also preconfigured IOBox (Value) nodes). for everybody it would be nice to be able to add default slider ioboxes to the quicknode list, where min and max and bounds can be preconfigured.
in other cases default values of pins can change the meaning of a node (e.g. an attractor or getslice is already prepared for 3d vectors).

your module shows how editing of those xml-snippets could look like.

if you think further it would be nice to be able to add snippets with more than one node and links connecting them and some positioning info for each node relative to the current mouse position…

i don’t think it gets irritating if this feature is used in a meaningful way. did you notice that the menu disappears after moving the mouse a bit?
however would be nice to have the ESC-key as another way to get this menu out of the way (to minimize mouse moves).

more quicknodes thought

i like quicknodes for another reason. it makes teaching vvvv easier as students are often scared of the amount of nodes in the nodelist. quicknode can be prepared for each lesson, making the first steps easier for everybody.

thank you devs

and i can live with moving the mouse away :)

that’s of course an interesting aspect.
yes, newbies are really scared by the amount.

and i’m also getting used to that new menu more and more.

but there is still need for thet preconfig-node-database

only newbs? i feel intimidated from time to time when i scroll through the nodelist ;-)
it would be interesting to see a graph of node-number vs. version-number, is it an exponential progression? :D