Quick HELP needed to make my exam!

I’m a scenography student and I would need some professional help to make my final exam on the 29th of June.

I was hunting the net for a week to find a program which can control DMX lights, video projector(s) and sound in the same time, but I found only some expensive tools.
I’m not a light designer at all!

I just downloaded the vvvv program, and have no idea (nor time) to find out how it works, but I’ve been told that this might be my program to make a 15-20 minutes etude with some simple light commands (on/off commands for PAR lights) video projection and sounds. The 10-20 PAR lights should imitate the sun’s movement (it is a simple ‘running light’ effect) the small videos I would put into the ‘timeline’ with the sounds.

If there is anyone could help me to put this project together before the deadline, please get in touch with me A.S.A.P.
Thanks in advance.