Queue texture in Beta 26 and working with a same camera on multiple outputs and filters

hum… i m getting very puzzled by beta26.

i m loosing video In texture very oftenly ( i have an IP cam and a PS3) while patching.

is it a know bug ?

ok, THIS is really interresting,

W7 pack 1 has broken my NVIDIA drivers somehow… i have reinstall everything.

i attach here my patch, because i m not understanding how and why its freezing when i had an edge fx and cabling it > PS3 image breaks.

2 camera input via video IN.

one for tracking
one for texture to be fxed

i have an nivida 460M , so this should nt set any troubles around , right ?

main_ipcam.zip (10.0 kB)

renderer in full screen gives problem with my monitor:

-renderer by default in VVVV is 60fps
-its my configuration of monitor in nvidia driver

-i have redone the patch from scratch, and reopen it: bang, TTY vertex cant be drawn etc…

-closed the patch, setted with nvidia utility 75hz frequency ( despite renderer is at 60fp) bang it works !!!

what the hell can it be ?

now restarted vvvv same "could n t draw vertex buffer " invalid call…

and crashing vvvv at 00300F3D

Grrrrr… i think my computer will throw out the window …

Here is a simple patch:

2 cams, 1 on IP cam, another with PS3
a trautner
and a renderer

on open in beta26 i have tty error about drawing vertexes

what i only see is perhaps a pb of fps from video in with mainloop. Any idea ?

buggyn patch.zip (7.6 kB)

opening that second patch you attached doesn’t show any errors here. anybody?

just to confirm it is not https://discourse.vvvv.org/t/7563: you can see a simple quad attached to a renderer, right?

No quads are ok.

I have to dismiss for today rehearsals about use of a second camera.

Actually the problem of cant draw vertex buffers remains.
The beginning of the thread should be forgetted. Buggyn patch is still creating a can t draw vertex buffers ob open of the patch.
-is that a mainloop pb with 2 videoin( read somewhere default fps was setted on videoin)
-a hardware set up not good in nvidia (how to let monitor on an open res,
settedby vvvv)
-a weird pb about renderers being on second or first monitor (joreg i dont find the trick patch you wrote for dimix)

Anyway despite all those problems still thinking that beta26 is a great improvement.

Hey Joreg. Coming back.
I m awfully sorry to make you dream of bugs with those reports.

Ok i have identified part of the problem: when i remove main renderer from the patch, save it and reopen, no vertex problem. I can create renderer again. tehn switch it again full is ok.

Seems to be a trouble somehow with renderer in FULLscreen mode or not with my NVIDIA.
i have reinstalled seven last week and maybe i m no more in a complete performance mode as before , despite i have set it with nvidia panel.

Not understanding what the hell with it but it seems to be a problem with renderer and hardware: cant set resolution and bugging.

this on 2 different Videoprojectors and on my monitor at home.

I know this sounds quite confusing, just getting out of rehearsals right now.