Queue Must be attached to Renderer in a visible patch?

(Refer to the image above)
When the Switch is set to 0, setting Insert to 1 for the left Queue node will NOT insert a frame into that Queue. However, I can attach the Queue node to a Quad>Renderer and it WILL insert, however that Renderer MUST be in a visible patch (if the patch is hidden it will NOT insert).

Is this expected behavior or am I just doing something wrong?

an (reduced) attached patch would be a little more helpful.

the only thing i can recommend you is:
*disable the queue in the first frame of evaluation.

i often noticed problems with those feedback things.
sholdn’t the queuecount be “2” and a GetSlice (Node) with Index=1 ?

Well insert is 0 in the first frame. But I assume you mean frame count should be 0 as well?

The Frame Count is 1 so I don’t think I need a GetSlice. Why should frame count==2 (?) I’m only saving one frame, not two.

I made a simple test (attached) and it doesn’t seem to matter if the quad/renderer is in a hidden patch or not, or whether the renderer is hidden.

However, If the Queue is NOT attached to a quad then it still doesn’t work. Is this expected behavior?

undo test.v4p (open this one) (19.7 kB)
undo test hidden patch.v4p (1.7 kB)

I have found this to be true. I don’t know a way around it. I render any queue feedback stuff into a small window on the patch screen.

This has really been frustrating me because that extra little renderer window creates a significant performance hit. So I just realized another workaround that’s stupidly easy:

Delete that extra renderer. Now attach the Quad connected to your Queue to your already existing render window and Translate it out of view.

Or use alpha=0