Queue in dx11

how is it possible to queue an array of 2d textures and acces them back by index ? in dx11

did you already check SetSlice (DX11.Texture2D) ? that’s probably what you are searching for…

and how add slices ? framedelay>cons does not connect

SetSlice (DX11.Texture2D) does not create a spread of textures but rather a TextureArray (which is different from a spread in the sense that it is kind of an object that contains several textures and it needs to be handled differently in the shaders (see eg. the ConstantArray (DX11.Effect) node).

afaik there is no queue node for ordinary textures.
what is it that you want to achieve exactly?

im after an array of the last 10 seconds of live footage so that i can pingpong parts of the buffer on different quads

Should add that as a node already… willcheck tommorow morning to make you an example, there is one also in advanced shaders workshop, bur it’s a bit complex since it binsized

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maybe this: Queue or Buffer for DX11 Texture2D

@sebl any chance that this can be unreliable ? it worked in testpatch but in projectpatch its blank unless i reset the downward connection and it will only queue one segment of n frames and loop it, instead of normal queue behaviour

It can run out of gpu memory…

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