Queue (EX9.Texture) looses slices

still on 22:

currently working on a drawing application and experiencing that Queue (EX9.Texture) looses slices.
means that some slices are set to width/height = 0

i “have a feeling” that this happens every third time you add a slice but it affects also slices from the middle of the stack.
but there is definetely a kind of regularity.

i will try to make a reduced patch for debugging.

Renderer (TTY) is quiet…

attached patch is already massively reduced :)

scroll far down to see the important things.

QueueTextureBug.v4p (79.9 kB)

and: i need to fix this within this month, better yesterday.

8 licenses upcoming ;)

ai qualle,

seems to me it works if you don’t change the texture-queues count, but just set it to a maximum value. can you confirm this? and wouldn’t that be a workaround already?

hhhm seems promising.

i’ll test that deeper.

but you agree that this behaviour is kind of buggy?

agreed and fixed for beta>23


got the same issue today in 34.2_x32 and 34.2_x64 …
tryed setSlice (Texture) in dx11 but I couldn’t figure out how it works.