Queue (EX9.Texture) Autoevaluate


it seems like Queue (EX9.Texture) doesn’t Autoevaluate - if I make a patch like this:

Hitting Insert and then Switching to the queued texture will not give me anything - the queue hasn’t stored anything.

Sorry to say that this is by design. Textures and many other dx9 resources are device dependant and device information is provided by downstream (e.g. renderer on a monitor tells us graphics card). The switch is written in such a general way that Queue and Quad are not connected to each other as long the Switch is turned off. So this would involve some general rework, not just fixing a single node. For now please use a workaround that assures that the queue is not disconnected from the device when you want to operate with it.

Alright. Using Blend now instead of switch.

Maybe we should provide a Switch (Texture), making it more likely that people use a node, that doesn’t lead to all these upstream troubles.

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@gregsn: Switch (Texture) yes please! especially one, where the switch is spreadable would be great. atm the only way to do that is some ugly cons getslice combos

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