Queue direction

Hi people,

I would like to do something like tonfilm’s Music3D (actually a 3D grid with moving points) but I want this point to move along 2 directions (X and Z). I thought about SwapDim in conjonction with Queue but it doesn’t seem to do the job.

Any idea would be appreciated.

Thanks a lot everybody!


Sry, I’m in a rush right now, but did you already have a look at ampops Queue advanced?!

Oups… Swap Dim and reverse fit exactly… wrong parameters…

thanx anyway!


Hi people,

A new question (maybe a dumb one…):

Is it possible to re-order delay in a queue out? I need to queue a value along my 2D grid but not a linear way, I want a slice to “lead” all the other in a V shape (like migratory birds, how beautiful! ;).

Here is my patch.


Follow the leader!.v4p (7.4 kB)