Queue control

hi vvvvs, i’m just getting into this cool program and i wonder how to get more control over things. right now i’m looking at the queue spreads node and i cannot figure out how to get more space in between the slices of the spread. as for the linear spread there is the width node how can i achieve that with a the queue?
thanks, linda

resample will change the number of slices. map helps you changing the values…

hi linda,
i’m not sure, if i get it right, but i think you want to scale the values in a spread. i don’t see the connection to the queue node, but in general to scale the single values in a spread you could use the MapRange(Value)-node, that maps the spread of values in a defined range to a newly defined range. see attached patch.
hope this helps,

scale_spread.v4p (2.5 kB)