Queuable lfo outputs

Hey guys,

First of all, I want to thank the support I’ve been having here. This is because I just realized that I never said thank you on the other posts I made. :D

Well, what I want is to make a queue out of LFO outputs. Whenever a bang is detected, a new period is sorted in an interval (say from 8 to 12 seconds) and this new LFO must be inserted in a spread, starting from zero.

I have tried to do some things, but couldn’t turn around this problem. The slices of the LFO output spread kept their values when I queued the periods, no matter what. I tried to use SetSlice and Shift, so that the last LFO output is discarded and the new one enters in index 0, but nada.

Thank you!

I don’t nderstand exactly what you want to build, posting a (not perfect working) patch can give us an idea where stuff goes wrong, so we can help better.

You want to add and delete slice from a spread? Perhaps the Buildspread module from Woei can help you.

Thanks West, but that module didn’t help me. :)

I’ve made a little patch so you guys can understand it better. The problem here is that the quads do not keep their rotation values, instead jumping to the other slice (as is expected in the queue).

queue_lfo.v4p (18.5 kB)

There are still some inaccurancies (I guess when counter goes back to one), but its a way you can go.

queue_lfo2.v4p (19.9 kB)

Hello candian , i made you a patch , not sure if it is what you look for , as there is no shifting in it , it just creates a spread of position and lfo times ,


Quad_Generator.v4p (24.8 kB)

Well, I should have thought of using a Cons and FrameDelay instead of a Queue. This way, I never need to shift the spreads. :)

Thanks, colorsound, frank and West. :D