Questions about were to put contributions

Hello all,

I am very new to vvvv. I have downloaded some of the fantastic contributions that people here have made, but am not sure were to put them. I have the gpu particles pack. I’ve unzipped it to the girlpower folder but when I run some patches it cannot seem to find some nodes that I know I have, and have used in other patches. Things like the softimage camera and aspect ratio are examples.

Any help is greatley appriciated.



first: don’t change anything inside the \vvvv_45betaXY directory. the only thing you put there is the \addonpack directory as you get it from the extra download. nothing more.

you put contributions in any directory you like and link to it in the root patch.
nodes and paths has more details.


I have another quite silly question. How do I know if a contribution is an effect, module, or plugin; so that I know what folder to put it in.