Question: What does "Red Node" means?

Hi, all.

I have just started using vvvv,
and I have a question about a node which sometimes change red.

When I tried to connect vvvv and Arduino before,
I used rs232(devices).
But it changed red and my PC freezed for a while,
then the patch has shut down.

Besides this, some nodes turn into red,
and they don’t seem to work well.
(for example, Writer(EX9.Texture AVI), I attached its image.)

Is there a problem with my PC spec, after all?


red nodes tell you that they have a problem. it is then a good idea to open a the gui#tty renderer and see if there is some useful info.

in your specific case with the avi texture writer make sure the directory where you want the file to be written to exists before starting the recording!