Question: video playlist problem

hi all,

i have 7 short AVI (from 4 seconds to 1 second) in a folder and want the video player to play through them one after the other. however, i notice the player will skip the 1 to 2 seconds AVI.

my questions:

the clip position valuable doesn’t get update in time so the short AVI don’t get played?


is it because 1 or 2 seconds are too short for AVI?

any idea how to fix that?


sorry, the patch:

Hi Bill,
You could try tiki-download_file.php?fileId=1646
Avi script file joiner, that should help

bang the do seek pin everytime you load a new video…
seekposition must be set to 0.00 of course.

hi all,

i did try bang the “do seek” before and it didn’t work.
after you said it i try to use 2 FrameDelay on “do seek” and “count up”…

and it works flawlessly!

thanks all!