Question of cube lattice points Connecting

Question of cube lattice points Connecting.!

I wanted to use @woei))'s curve(SplinesGPU 0.2)splinesgpu and NODE ((node:Attractor (Value)make a three dimensional lattice,as shown in the following figure

  1. I use LinearSpread generate an array of several vectors .[1].png[2].png

  2. then use woei 's curve(SplinesGPU connect them in direction of x axis .[3]_0.png

3.When connecting the y direction,I have tried a couple of days, finally I used a stupid way( many of CDR (Spreads Vector), and connected them .[4].png

But the z-direction (red), I tried for a long time, there is no way to connect them, hoping to get your help. Thank you so much.[8].png (33.5 kB)

hello carllx,

the key node here is SwapDim (Spreads) which can resort spreads by a given row and cloumn count. after you have resorted the points, you can do the same again and it swaps the next axis. i gave it a quick try and came up with this solution by accident (hail vvvv!), seems to work pretty well:

cube-Lattice2.v4p (86.7 kB)

@tonfilm,I feel so lucky to get your help .It may take more time if without your help,I never find out this node is to solve this problem
Thank you for taking the time to help me and wish every success in your work.