Question: is it normal that network bandwidth is occupied once Boygrouping set up?

hi everybody,

I am doing a project which uses 3 computers to control 9 projectors by 3 matrox TripleHead2Go . When i set up Boygrouping i found the network bandwidth was occupied ,and i can’t use tools like PCanywhere or VNC to connect the server computer . Is it normal?
I use a 100M Router to set up LAN . Is the situation will be better if i use a 1000M router?


i fear we’ll need a few more details to figure out what’s going on:

  1. how does your network setup look like? one or two ethernet cards? what network are they on? like 192.168.1.* and router on
  2. how is the boygroup server node configured? best you open the inspektor and post a screenshot here from a running instance. so that we can see the actual values like bridge count etc.
  3. i assume you use the latest beta (31.2)? is the behaviour different in the latest alpha?
  4. set the “Log to TTY” pin to Full and have a look in the TTY if there’s anything suspicious. also have a look here: boygrouping basics#warnings

thanks for your suggestion, Elias!

Now, i use three computers , one server computer, two client computers. Yes, the router is on and others are on 192.168.1.* . And i use vvvv 29.2.
I will try as what you told me later.