Question for TUIO set-up (TUIODecoder missing)

Hello all genius,

i am currently doing a interactive table project.Using vvvv connect with reacTIVision-1.5, i am a non-programing background, every tutorials i have found on the websit cannot guide me to achieve the result. anyone would help me with the basic set up for vvvv could recieve TUIO message from reacTIVision?

At this stage, i have dowlanded reacTIVision-1.5, VVVV_45beta34.2_x64 and VVVV_50alpha34.104_x64, i cannot found any TUIO node in beta version so i downloaded alpha version. I also open the "Using TUIO Protocol"file in \girlpower\IO\TUIO. but the TUIODecoder is red cannot run it properly. i am very appreciated if anyone could help me to finish the basic setup. i know it is have a long way i hvae to go, so it s good to have a first start.

thank you very very much

hei skull,

please download latest alpha now. then again run:
and see the TUIODecoder node has been replaced with the new TUIOCursor (Network Split) node. this patch should give you a working example for tuio cursors. read the explanations on the left, to understand it.

come back here if you have further questions.