Question-Can vvvv be used to create a plugin for lightwave3d,maya etc?

So I am still very new to vvvv and really like visual prgramming/node base. I know most applications like modo,lightwave 3d are mostly using python to make a script or addon. Is there a way vvvv could be used to do this?


If the software provides a plug-in system and API for .NET then it’s possible. But it would need some work for each specific software.

Lightwave3d only APIS it has is C, lscript, and python. Would be cool to do visual programming and make a script or addon. But most of these 3d softwares all python mostly.

Is there someone that I could contact that might be able to help me look further into this subject?

If someone could help me out I will try to compensate for the work. Think it would be really neat in the aspect of using vvvv for 3d on plugin wise.

while this is definitely the right thinking “vl/vvvv as an alternative to python/lua/… for plugin scripting”, i’m afraid this is too early. at the moment we’re still focusing on getting vvvv gamma out in an initial version. but allowing VL to be embedded in other softwares is a future goal. don’t hold your breath yet though…

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