Question about WiimoteLib

Has anyone tried using WiimoteLib to retrieve data from a Wiimote in vvvv gamma? I’ve noticed that only button data can be obtained, and I cannot access Accel data and IR data.
If anyone has encountered this issue before, please guide me on how to resolve it.
I urgently need this data!

Thank you for any assistance you can provide! :)

can you share a patch that shows what you have so far and where the problem seems to be?

Thanks for your reply, Joreg!!
This is my patch. After I connected Wiimote with the PC and opened it, I found that the Vvvv only caught the buttons’ data. I don’t know how to solve this problem and finish my work, I need these data.
And I use Windows 11. Does it make some impact?

your patch is missing

sryyyyyyyyy!! (34.3 KB)
This is my patch.

can you do a check and see if on the same machine it works when you’re using the WiiMote plugin with vvvv beta?