Question about dx11 Rendering and performance

Hi All,

Im fairly new to VVVV (corona giveth time) and I decided to build a Singing Dino guitar hero like game, because why not right.

So Currently I have the 4 guitar hero like blocks ( 1 for each singer) that fall down all in their own patch with their own renderers sending textures to the main patch where I comp them on the main screen. Is this really bad practice ? Should I avoid using too many renderers and instead just group the outputs as much as possible before sending them over ?

^ Bohemian Raptors

Why not, indeed!

And yes, you should avoid having a lot of different render-passes.
Try to group all elements and render them in a single pass, if that’s possible.

Thanks for the quick reply! I will try to rebuild that bit. Is the same also true for seperate patches btw ? or should I just use those wherever I can to keep things a bit organized? ( my patches look like someone threw up undigested spaghetti on a grey plate tbh )

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