Question about basic TCP functionality


I am just starting with vvvv… I plan to use it as an interface between Artnet and boblightd (lighting protocol daemon).

So far I have managed to receive and manipulate Artnet data. Now I would like to send it over to boblightd. Basically it requires text commands sent over TCP/IP. The typical sequence of commands is:

set priority 50
set light 001 rgb 0.5 0.5 0.5
set light 002 rgb 0.3 0.3 0.3

While using the TCP node I am able to connect with the server and send hello (by using hello#13#10 input). However, I cannot figure out how to send a sequence of commands, e.g. the following fails (it is not recognized by the server):
hello#13#10set priority 50#13#10

What am I doing wrong?

I have managed to circumvent the original problem with raw data send over TCP client…

But I have another problem. For some reason after another modification the TCP client started to reconnect with the deamon each frame. The deamon kept all the connections, so it soon run out of room. Strangely enough, it repeated when the patch was reloaded, even though “Do send” was set to zero. Now this is where it gets really strange: when I remove the TCP client node and restart the daemon, everything is OK (the client is connected to the server). When I connect the input, it still is OK. However, the moment I connect an bang to the “Do Send” input, the client repeats reconnecting again!

What is going on?

Why don’t you just use the Artnet Nodes dmx (network artnet sender) ?

Because boblightd does not accept Artnet data…

I have worked around this by using raw data TCP client.