Quaternions "rolling" for points and camera?


i’d like to have the famous “roll effect” for a random set of polar coordinates, working togehter with various positions of a camera …

so far the rolling around x and y axis is working as expected, but if i move the cam to another position then 0/0/-10 the rotations/rolling becomes a mess :)

any idea how to handle this?

see attached patch …


patching_question__quaternion_cam+world.v4p (44.7 kB)

are you aware, that you move the camera position itself, when its not position ‘0’? maybe a S+H between the rotation positions and the camera position will help. also have a look at the camera/rotation system used in the girlpower/snake3d.v4p, it does what you are looking for, i guess.

@sven also built a Roll (Transform) module using the same principle, which could be adapted to serve as a camera. i am not sure about the quaternions, though. math-fabulosos to the rescue? ;)