Quaternion -> pitch yaw roll

is there a way to extract rotational angles from a given quaternion? much like an euler (quaternion get).

or maybe i am just thinking too complicated. I want to rotate a 3-d object freely and consequtively in space much like in real life: a rotation to the left should go left, no matter the current angulation of the object. and one to the top should go to the top.

my attempt was to framedelay the quaternion of the current position and multiply it with the quaternion of the movement. however, i don’t seem to be able to put it into a matrix transform.

this module might be what you are lookong for: object axis rotation

that was almost what i was after, only an additional swapdim was needed. thanks tonfilm

Rotate (Transform World Axis Vector).v4p (16.7 kB)

i have no idea, why it is working with the SwapDim, but its more correct if you just leave the axis of the rotations at the init direction:

Rotate (Transform World Axis Vector).v4p (16.3 kB)

here is another approach. which does the same.
didn’t sven sometime patch something like “roll”?

anyway modules will soon be managed with a better system.

Rotate (Transform World Axis Vector)-2.v4p (10.6 kB)

yes to all, svens roll does the same. and as we don’t need the object axis to rotate around, your module is even more efficient.

anyway modules will soon be managed with a better system.

hmmmm … tell us more!

and again another version…

i’ll put that module into the standard modules folder for the next release.

@sebl: the basic idea is that for the user it should be easy to get all the modules without having to download tons of zips. therefore every module writer should be able to decide which modules she wants to contribute; and either check that into an open (version controlled) folder, or send it to the maintainer who will check each one of them and then check it in. In that way a module package is created which then appears in the addonpacks we just invented. details will follow soon.

Rotate (Transform Successive Vector).v4p (8.5 kB)

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really nice.

i took the liberty to optimize the init switch.

Rotate (Transform Successive Vector).v4p (7.4 kB)

and for the purpose of completeness:

Translate (Transform Successive Vector).v4p (13.7 kB)