Quality of shader / dx9 texture


im having some questions regarding shaders and quality of the dx9 texture …

as far is i understand how shaders work you have a chain that looks like this

something --> renderer —> dx9texture --> shader --> quad --> renderer

now i have the feeling, that the quality of the image is often not as good after the shader process
then it was before, even though all shader parameters are set to NOTHING …

if tried the way …

something --> renderer —> dx9texture --> quad --> renderer

without the shader … and still im loosing quality (probably in the settings of the dx9 texture, i think) …

so my question is …

  • is there a way to go this way without quality loss
  • if not, and the solution is switching the shader in and out, is there a possibility to go from a renderer to another renderer without going over the texture and quad ?

NOT renderer --> texture --> quad --> renderer
BUT renderer --> renderer

thats for tips and answers

hello, see here and here