Hey guys,

If i want two things to appear on the same quad for example a file stream and a video input !

i want the same quad to show a movie and the same time live captured images from a camera!

how can i achieve that ?


just take two quads over each other and change the transparency or the blend modes to mix them together…

how do i change the transparency or the blend modes ?

hey omar, have a look at dx9-rendering

thanks man for the answer !
i have another question, i am streaming a video in a quad then on a MEsh(box), if i am resizing the quad or translating it it leaves traces behind (an image you know just like windows jam and you move a window and it leaves traces behind ! !) anyway is that due to my visual card and processing power or due to some kind of a setting in the quad ? thanks !

hey omar, that sounds like the clear flag on your renderer is disabled. try turning it on… ;)

hahaha you rock man ;) thanks you !