Quads and joints

I m fighting a little bit for an animated caracter.

I m using Joints to obtain a kind of robotic arm in 2d.

So i have the joint x y and rotations, and i want to place images to figure the parts of the arms, on different quads.

So i m placing quads, but i m fighting to calculate the orientation of the quad with joints points.

i have use tangent from woei, and expr atan to try to obtain a valuable information. ( a rotation making the quad match the straight line between 2 joints)

What am i missing ?

Ok , to be more precise, it seems a question of handle:
rotating the quad on a rotation point toward the handle ( next joint).

Hi Karistouf.
What about to use line.fx with instead of quads? you can also use textures.
I recommend to use quads only for the possible Joins/knee, with a circle texture with similar diameter than the width lines, or segment node changing the factor if you are thinking to use circle arcs joins.

I´ve used a similar technique in this video.

I hope it´s helpful for you.


hi ari, nice to read you. no the problem is that i m not handling all the graphical creation process on this one. we are creating in common with a “classical cartoonist”. this will be surely a very interresting adventure.
So i need to set textures not deformed to fit the ending look.
but merci for your tips ( where is located line.fx ? ) ;-) could be a good thing if i can texture on it…

I see now,
Line.fx is a part of the add ons in the b26, and i think also in the b23.
good luck ;)

ok… i check, maybe its the solution. ( despite i would really like to knwo how to do it on nodes positions)

hi lasal, version is in beta 23 but without texturn.

have you got somewhere an already textured version ?

Maybe it can help you.
it´s made in b26.



LineTextured.rar (52.3 kB)

many thanks lasal to have taken the time to do it !!! i will try to do an attempt to it!!!


you are welcome ;)

in case you only need the rotation of the quads in one axis this should do

Line2Quad.v4p (10.4 kB)

hi woei… woaw , thats great !!! i think i may use this.

i was at beginning thinking just to use a quad with rotate point placed to joint 1 and rotation leading to joint2.

but this module soundsreally powerfull !!! many thanks to you and lasal ;-)

now i have to deal with this without deforming texture ;-)

because clearly somewhere i need to find the good approach

woei, this should be set in add-on packs ;-) really great !!! +2

actually the patch is quite dirty. a solution between 2d and 3d.
for 3d you’d need to calculate the rotation in 3d.
for 2d you’d don’t need that differential normalize combo but just a pairwise and points2vector…

hi woei, i encountered some troubles with this patch as a subpatch on distributed many times in my patch. Values fixed for all subpatch expect first one, and i was trying to set a single patch for each couples of Vec3D entries. ( obtaining one quad per one quad).

But it helped me a lot because you pointed to me thePoint2Vector node, wich shows orientation and length ( i m in 2D on this project).

SO its really nice, to couple Joint power to 2d graphics

It works ! Thanks a lot ;-)

well there was a bone LookAtVector node all that time…