Quadro FX370 vs Geforce 9600GT

[Quadro FX370](Player A](Quadro FX370](Player A) [http://www.leadtek.com/eng/workstation_graphics/overview.asp?lineid=2&pronameid=459)

[Geforce 9600GT](Player B](Geforce 9600GT](Player B) [http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814162016)

Quadro FX370 vs Geforce 9600GT

which one is better ?
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Quadro FX 370 is the lower product in Quadro series. There is only one output.
It holds only 256mo DDR2 and only 8GB/sec of memory bandwidth

Geforce 9600GT has 2 outputs and 512 DR3 at approx 55 GB/sec.

There only advantage of a FX 370 is its low consuption around 25 W against 90 W for a 9600 GT .

So i would really go for a 9600 GT whitout any doubt.


Hello DigitalSlaves,

Thank you for ur nice opinion.