Hello line-avoiders,

because Line (ex9) is causing troubles from time to time, i tried to create a module that replaces the Line using only quads…

that was easy for 2d but, because of a missing points2vector (3d), i tried to make a little plugin.

i think it is working (surely for 2d-cases) but is far from elegant.

so, if you want, you may take a look and clarify some vectormath things

including plugin and module (8.2 kB)

plugin doesn’t seem necessary. but you should see the logic from the module.

what might be missing is a way to make sure the quad is always facing the camera. i recommend using a cylinder with 3 edges instead (don’t forget to vote).

if you want a really massive amount of lines, there are some nice 3d-lines in dottores pack, you just need to feed it the beginning and the end of the line in form of a dynamic texture.

Line.v4p (12.3 kB)