Quad with Blend/Multiply and Transparency

Bug or Feature? v25 - xp sp3 - nvidia gtx460

Quad with Blend/Multiply and alpha-changing is behaving wrong.

  • look into attached testpatch
  • alpha’s doing nothing
  • someone an answer or idea for this?

Sorry, i think, this is worth an own thread.

regards chmee

quad alpha multiply bug v25 (5.0 kB)

without looking at the patch, i don’t think it’s something special about beta25
have you read this?

thanks - i’ve read the link-content. and i haven’t checked it in versions before v25. if this is meant as it is, sorry, thats not good. a limitation of directx?

for not beeing misunderstood - its not about an alpha’d texture, but about the transparency of the color-pin - but - if this is the answer to the question, so may it be…

regards chmee